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Ultimatum is a masterclass collaboration between Lionel Fabert, Kenddy AJ, and LeTreez that showcases the dynamism of the hip-hop trailer music genre. Mixing cinematic percussion with trap rhythm and fearless lyrics, this album motivates fans of sports and cinema alike.


This album mixes cinematic depth with lyrical energy to create an unstoppable selection of hard-hitting tracks. Exhilarating and triumphant, Unchained provides the ideal score to your highlight video or victory montage.


Featuring the vocal brilliance of LeTreez, Challengers introduces a fiery and uplifting selection of hip-hop and rap tracks that will take your project to a whole new level. An ideal choice for sports highlights, action trailers, and video games.

Dynamic Hip Hop Sports

Published by Cézame Music Agency, this album pays homage to the bond that has existed between hip-hip and basketball since the 90’s. The powerful lyrics and heavy beats of this album make it the perfect anthem for the champions who always give it their all.

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